DevConf 2016 - Review

On Tuesday 8 March 2016, the inaugural DevConf was hosted in Johannesburg. It is the first conference of its size in South Africa and I think it went really well.

I was fortunate enough to speak there about Git vs Continuous Integration and I think my talk was well received.

Here's me talking (photo from Rebecca Franks)

I'm planning a follow up post in the next few days where I will cover the same content as my talk, so look out for that.

I attempted to record the talks I attended, here are the MP3s:

Session 1 - Tugberk Ugurlu - Polyglot Persistence

  • Unfortunately the power kept tripping, so this isn't the full talk

Session 2 - Steven McDonald - Beautiful APIs

Session 3 - Ben Janecke - Composition over Inheritance in JavaScript

Session 4 - Oz Chihwayi - Who still needs a tester?

Session 5 - Josh Lewis - Hi, I'm Josh and I'm a reformed TDDist

Session 6 - I didn't record, was too nervous for my talk :)

Session 7 - Duane McKibbin - Git vs. Continuous Integration

  • The nerves continued, I only started the recorder halfway through, but I still got the meat of the presentation

Session 8 - Janco Wolmarans - Safety First! How to drop the compiler crutch for faster refactoring

Overall, it was a great conference and I'm already looking forward to next year. Thanks so much to Robert MacLean, Mark Pearl and Terrence Kruger for organising an excellent day.