New South African dev podcast

I'm quite an avid podcast listener, I spend around 90min driving (often in heavy traffic) each day and try to make the most of the time learning new things. Currently, I listen to some well known dev podcasts such as: Scott Hanselman's Handelminutes .net Rocks Javascript Jabber Recently I discovered… Read more →

Why am I blogging all of a sudden?

I'm not much of a writer, so this whole blogging thing is hard for me to do. But I want to try and here's why: In all my previous jobs (prior to Entelect), I worked in electrical engineering companies where software was not really the main focus. So I worked… Read more →

Hello World

Hello, my name is Duane and I'm a software developer in South Africa. I work for a company called Entelect Software. On this blog I will document my journey into learning and implementing various continuous integration/development techniques and tools. I have quite a bit of experience with Jetbrains' TeamCity,… Read more →