Why am I blogging all of a sudden?

I'm not much of a writer, so this whole blogging thing is hard for me to do. But I want to try and here's why:

  • In all my previous jobs (prior to Entelect), I worked in electrical engineering companies where software was not really the main focus. So I worked in a bubble, just doing my bit for the greater solution. I had hardly any concept of a greater software community
  • Then I started at Entelect and my eyes were opened to the community that I was part of
    • I found out about usergroups
    • I followed other developers on Twitter and Google+
    • I attended some conferences
    • I presented at internal training sessions
  • I have benefited immensely from this community and now it's time to give back and contribute

So all this had been going on for a while when I came across a developer on Twitter called John Sonmez. I liked what he had to say so I followed him. I then found out he was offering a free course on "Starting your own blog". I thought "Why not", and so here we are.

I've learnt a lot and would recommend the course to anyone thinking about starting a blog (I have actually recommended it already). John also has a blog at www.simpleprogrammer.com on which he covers many other topics, check that out as well.

I think thats enough about me and this blog, I need to focus now and get working on actual posts. I'm hoping to push one out at least once a week, wish me luck!