Node Gyp with Visual Studio 2019

I'm working on an Angular application and had to recently re-install my node_modules. This means installing node-sass which in turn uses node-gyp (python and c++) to build some native modules. The node-gyp build kept failing as it couldn't find the MSBuild.exe in the location it expected. Turns out… Read more →

Home Automation 2 - Sonoff

This is part 2 of my series on Home Automation Introduction Sonoff Sonoff In my last post I mentioned that after buying a Google Home, I wanted to try to automate some aspects of my house. After disappearing down many rabbit holes, a colleague suggested that I look at a… Read more →

JSinSA 2016

I just finished speaking at the 2016 edition of JSinSA on the topic of edge.js. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think the talk was well received. The talk was recorded and will be released publicly soon, I'll share the link when that happens. In the meantime, here are… Read more →

Re-using RxJS Observables

I've been using Angular 2 recently to build a simple but not small application. Angular 2 makes heavy use of RxJS Observables, a library that I'm not yet very familiar with. When making HTTP calls, the return type is Observable (Angular 1.x returns a promise). You can easily convert… Read more →

Using Ninject with WebAPI 2.0

I struggled most of yesterday trying to get Ninject setup in an ASP.NET WebAPI 2.0 environment. There are multiple Stack Overflow answers and blog posts that all say the same thing: Install Ninject in your project from Nuget Install Ninject.WebApi Install Ninject.WebApi.WebHost Then everything should… Read more →

Applying for a new South African ID Card

Note: This post will probably not interest you if you're not from South Africa :p The Department of Home Affairs recently launched their online portal that enables applying for the new ID cards (replacing the old green books). In conjunction with support from the 4 major SA banks, the process… Read more →

DevConf 2016 - Review

On Tuesday 8 March 2016, the inaugural DevConf was hosted in Johannesburg. It is the first conference of its size in South Africa and I think it went really well. Me opening up @DevConfza - I think this sums it up pretty well. Thank you #DevConf… Read more →

DevConf 2016

If you happen to be reading this in South Africa, then hopefully you've heard about a new developer conference called devconf. The lineup is finalized and it's shaping up to be a great conference with many great speakers. Please go have a look at the website and consider attending, the… Read more →

Continuous delivery vs. Continuous Deployment

At my current client, we've been overhauling our CI process to enable us to work towards continuous deployment. Currently, a deployment only happens every few weeks which is a pain for our users (this is an internal line of business system), so we're working hard to get releases going on… Read more →

Speed up git bash on Windows

Recently, I've been struggling with performance in Git Bash on Windows. Just doing a 'git status' takes several seconds. Directory browsing was also crazy slow, just TAB completing possible filenames was taking a few seconds. After doing a bit of Googling, I found a few tips that made a huge… Read more →